Learn about the benefits of owning a Tomberlin & ParCar electric golf cart.

Tomberlin and ParCar carts deliver 50-60 miles per charge

Tomberlin and ParCar use deep-cycle batteries in their electric golf carts. Deep-cycle batteries are different from the type of starter battery that is in your automobile. Starter batteries are designed to provide a significant amount of power in a short period of time (i.e. to start the car’s motor). Whereas, deep-cycle batteries are designed to provide continuous power over a long period of time.

Energy is stored in thick lead plates inside the deep-cycle batteries. As you increase the total volume of lead, you also increase the amount of available energy, distance, and power. Deep cell batteries come in three voltages: 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt. All Tomberlin and ParCar electric golf carts include (8) 6-volt batteries (48-volt)—which provide the greatest volume of lead possible, significant energy reserves, optimum distance, and power to spare.

What’s more, recent developments in deep-cycle technology have extended the range and life of batteries. These improvements—combined with enhancements in the controller (the on-board programmable computer that controls operations—have continually increased single-charge driving distances—which are now 50-60 miles.

When you think about it…driving 50-60 miles in a golf cart is a very long distance…and more distance than one would prefer to drive in a single day.

5-Year 24-Hour Golf Cart Assistance is included with all new carts.

When you’re driving a golf cart there may be a time when you need assistance. As such, all new Columbia ParCar golf carts include 5-year 24-Hour Golf Cart Assistance. So, no matter what time…day or night…someone is readily available to meet with you, fix the problem, or put the cart on a trailer and take you home.

This valuable service eliminates worries, reinforces peace of mind, and puts you in control if you encounter an unforeseen circumstance.

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