Welcome to Columbia Par Car Arizona!

Who We Are

Columbia ParCar Arizona is an official factory dealer for Columbia ParCar. As the electric vehicle experts, Columbia ParCar Arizona is set up to answer any and all your questions with regards to your vehicle.

Our Mission Statement

To deliver remarkable service and unsurpassed knowledge of electric vehicles to our customers and the community

Our History

Columbia ParCar Arizona is just one member of a large family company called Nordic Group. Started in 1947 by current chairman W.R. Sauey, Nordic Group has steadily grown its operations through internal growth and strategic acquisition. One unique aspect of Nordic Group is that it is a family owned and operated organization. With more than 2,200 employees worldwide, the Nordic Group and its subsidiaries believe in and operate with core family values and a solid belief system in integrity, leadership, teamwork, knowledge and excellence.

The Nordic Group Member Companies are comprised of Flambeau, Inc., Seats Incorporated and Columbia ParCar.

Columbia ParCar
(Reedsburg, WI USA)
Columbia ParCar of Florida (Leesburg & Lady Lake, FL, USA)
Columbia ParCar Arizona (Sun City West, AZ, USA)

Evolving out of the former Harley Davidson Golf Car Division, Columbia ParCar has a rich 35 year tradition in manufacturing excellence. To meet specific customer needs, Columbia ParCar offers an extensive complement of options and manufactures custom electric vehicles to specification. Columbia ParCar started manufacturing electric golf cars only in 2007 for several reasons – the direction of the national golf industry, cost effectiveness for owners and operators of electric vehicles and the continual rising cost of fuel. They focused all of their attention in making their electric vehicles the industry leader in range, safety, style and customization. Today, Columbia ParCar has 45 different models of electric powered golf, industrial and commercial vehicles. Their customer’s range from individual users to airport courtesy to army vehicles to zoo maintenance. Whatever your need, Columbia ParCar prides itself in the ability to provide an electric vehicle that fully satisfies all of your requirements. To learn more about Columbia ParCar, please CLICK HERE.

Flambeau, Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI; Baraboo, WI; Columbus, IN; Madison, GA; Middlefield, OH; Phoenix, AZ; Redlands, CA; Sharon Center, OH; Weldon, NC, USA)
Flambeau Europlast (Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom)
Plasticos Flambeau (Saltillo, Coahuila, México)
Flambeau Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China)

Flambeau Inc. is a major plastics manufacturer. From Duncan yoyos to fishing bait to medical and recreational manufacturing, Flambeau is an industry leader. To learn more about Flambeau, Inc., please CLICK HERE.

Seats Incorporated (Reedsburg & Richland Center, WI, USA)
Seats de México (Saltillo, Coahuila, México)

Seats Incorporated, the third member of Nordic Group, is a leader in designing, marketing and manufacturing seats and seating accessories. Located in Reedsburg, WI Seats manufactures the seats for Columbia ParCar as well as UPS, Grumman Olson and Blunt and Oshkosh Truck. To learn more about Seats Incorporated, please CLICK HERE.